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SSC351 Study Guide
The following is your special project.  This project is due on Wednesday, 16 February 2003. As a guide, please read Chapter 2, The Organizing Process, Zane K. Quible.
The Levec Corporation, founded in 1971 by James and Richard Levec, manufacturers a full line of camping trailers.  For several years, the corporation experienced a very small net profit.  About three years ago, however; the company made a substantial turnaround and now has a much-improved financial picture.  The significant increase in the number of people who enjoy camping is responsible for the increased sales of the firm.  When the corporation first started, there were five employees who were mostly involved in production.
At present time, the corporation has four managers, just as they were when the corporation were established: James Levec, Richard Levec, Dick Anders, and Ronald Smith.  The job titles of these four individuals are used only to satisfy government regulations.
The firm's limited financial resources at the time the corporation was founded resulted in the hiring of only four managers.  Consequently, these four individuals have been performing a variety of tasks that are inconsistent with the job titles.  Each of the four individuals performs tasks that are concerned with the production and marketing of camping equipment.
Increasing evidence indicates that the firm's present organization structure is not working as well as it did when the firm's operations were less involved.  The number of workers has also increased to 50; doing a variety of tasks including production, sales, purchasing, accounting, and other important business tasks.  Evidence also indicates the need for hiring additional managers to handle the increase in volume of operations.
  1. What organization structure is presently being used?
  2. What clues are likely to emerge as evidence that the present structure is no longer feasible?
  3. What organizational structure do you recommend as a replacement for the present structure? Why?
  4. What are the characteristics of the structure you recommend?
  5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the structure you recommend?

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