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Teaching Philosophy & Experience
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Teaching Philosophy & Experience
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Teaching Philosophy

  1. Every individual has the ability to learn but the rate of learning varies between individuals.
  2. Every learner must go through the learning curve.  One cannot be expected to comprehend higher level concepts without first understanding the basics - be patient, take a step at a time.
  3. Learners and teachers must be committed to make learning and teaching successful.
  4. Learners who can positively relate themselves with their teachers are more willing to learn, hence enhancing their ability to learn.  Therefore, teachers must be both interesting and inspiring.
  5. Everyone must be treated with dignity and esteem.  Consistent with this philosophy, learners must be given room for self expression and air grievances without prejudice.

Teaching Experience

My teaching career spans more than 20 years.  I started teaching  at what was then known as Institut Teknologi MARA (ITM).   While a student at Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, I taught at Vestaburg High School, Michigan.  In 1987 I returned to Malaysia after completing my graduate studies at The University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and reestablish my teaching career at ITM (renamed in 1999 as Universiti Teknologi MARA).  I was promoted to the post of Senior Lecturer and later to Associate Professor.
My teaching expertise is in the field of business & economics, office management & technology, and management.