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SSC351--Improving Office Productivity Through TQM
SSC351--Work Measurement and Work Standards
SSC351--Managing Human Resources
SSC351--Communicating in the Office
SSC351--Administrative Office System
SSC351--Appraising The Office Worker's Performance
SSC351 Study Guide

This is a special test guide.  It is important that you study everything listed on the study guide.  However, I strongly encourage you put more emphasis on the following topics:
  1. Function of Management.
  2. Basic principles of management techniques.
  3. Responsibilities and skills of Administrative Office Managers.
  4. Centralization vs decentralization of managerial authority.
  5. Physical centralization  and decentralization of office operations.
  6. Challenges faced by the AOM.
  7. Purposes of communication.
  8. Flow of communication.
  9. Office environment.
  10. Impact of office environment on employees.
  11. Performance appraisal.
  12. Measurement and standard setting.
  13. Sources of potential office workers.
  14. Interviewing (direct, indirect and patterned interview; record of interview)
  15. Training techniques--Information distribution, simulation techniques, on the job techniques.
  16. Organizational principles or basic principles of management.

It is not necessary for you to study the following topics because they will not be included in the test/final examination.

  1.  School of Management Thought (item 1.5 on the Study Guide).  However, it is necessary to study Leffingwell theory.
  2. Adminstrative Office Systems (item 2.0 on the Study Guide).  The whole topic will not be included in the test/final examination.
  3. Topics on "organization structure (items 3.4.1, 3.4.2, and 3.4.3).

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