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SSC351 Project
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SSC 351


For the above assignment, you are to select and observe an operating system in an administrative office system, preferably in a business organization that has all or part of its office operations automated. Based on your observations, prepare a report which include the following information:

  1. Write a brief description of the organization. Use the total system - subsystems relationship to describe the organization. (8marks)
  2. State the administrative office system that you have selected (e.g. administrative office of Marketing Division) and describe its objectives, information function and services.(8 marks)
  3. Identify an operating system (e.g. records management) and describe its key elements. The system must be automated. (14 marks)
  4. Using the general systems model (pg. 88, Kallaus & Keeling) as a guide, construct a systems model for the operating system that you have selected. The systems model should include all the phases of an open system. Describe the phases of the operating system. (20 marks)
  5. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of this automated operating system. Also indicate the operating systems impact on the administrative office systems objectives. (You may need to interview the office manager/supervisor in-charge for the information required. Submit a copy of the questions as well as the responses obtained from the interview as an appendix.)(9 marks)
  6. Describe the ergonomic conditions in this office (lighting, ventilation, colour, noise, etc.). If you can, provide photos to support your description (please ask for permission before taking any photographs).(20 marks)
  7. Explain the importance of the human system in this office system. (5 marks)
  8. Suggest your recommendations to improve this administrative office system. (6 marks)
  9. The report should not exceed 20 pages and must follow APA style. Proper report writing format must be used (with table of contents, introduction, conclusion, references, etc.) (10 marks)

TOTAL = 100 MARKS Note: Teamwork is very important. You are given two weeks to complete this project. Last submission date is 23 August 2003.